Shower Doors, Mirrors & Door Glass Repair in Hot Springs

There’s glass throughout your home. Unfortunately, it’s a material that needs a professional’s touch if it becomes damaged. You can’t fix a mirror, shower glass or glass doors by yourself! If there’s a crack or chip in your glass, contact Star Windshield, Inc. to fix it.

We make sure all repairs are stable and seamless, making your glass look like new once again.

Plate glass

Plate glass is present throughout your home, including all types of doors and some furniture glass. We’re familiar with this material and can provide home glass replacement in Hot Springs, AR for plate glass applications. We promise a seamless fit for your plate glass, no matter the size of the panes.

Shower doors

Shower doors elevate the appeal of any bathroom. If your doors have suffered a crack, chip or other blemish, call us for a new glass door in Hot Springs, AR. If we can repair the damage, we’ll make sure it looks brand-new, free of any signs of damage.


Mirrors are made of glass, which means we can fix them! If your mirror is cracked or chipped and needs to be repaired, we’ll gladly accept the job. Let us save you the seven years of proverbial bad luck and put the pieces of your mirror back together flawlessly.

Door glass

From sliding porch doors to ornamental front doors, we’re the experts in replacing and repairing door glass. Whether impact or weather caused the damaged, we’ll be there to repair it.

Don’t let marred glass bring down the comfort and appeal of your home

If there’s a crack, chip or blemish on your glass, give Star Windshield, Inc. a call Today. We offer same-day appointments and can repair most problems quickly. We’ll get your glass back to its clean, clear, totally flawless condition. Ask us about automotive glass repair and window regulators too.

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