Car, Truck & SUV Automotive Glass Repair in Hot Springs

Auto glass damage can happen in an instant. A rock kicks up from the car in front of you, chipping your windshield. A hailstorm cracks your passenger-side door glass. A sideswipe takes off your mirror. If any of these situations leave you with damaged auto glass, call Star Windshield, Inc. to set it right.  

We offer mobile glass repair services to customers, providing repairs or replacements wherever your car is.

Our techs come equipped to tackle any type of glass damage, regardless of your vehicle’s make or model.


Windshield replacement

A cracked windshield makes it hard to see—not to mention compromises your safety behind the wheel. If an accident, storm damage or something else has caused a crack to form on your glass, call us for windshield replacement in Hot Springs, AR. We’ll get the job done on-site, so you don’t have to risk driving with damaged glass.

Mirror glass

Damage to any of your rearview mirrors leaves you vulnerable to blind spots. Call us for quick glass repairs to restore the 360-degree field of vision you need while you’re on the road.

Chip and crack repair

Stones, hail and falling objects can all leave their mark on your glass. We remedy all chips and cracks with auto glass repair in Hot Springs, AR. Our knowledgeable workers leave behind glass that looks perfect and is strong enough to stand up to the weathering of the road.

Power window replacement

Damage from a break-in or accident? If your power windows need repairs, call on us to handle the glass and the regulator. We’re the complete solution on power window service.

Auto glass cracks will only get worse. As soon as your glass is damaged, contact Star Windshield, Inc. to schedule a service appointment. We’ll repair or replace your glass, so you can get back on the road safely, driving with clear, unobstructed vision. Ask us about residential glass services too.

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